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Whistleblowing is the practice of reporting information about an organization to protect the safety and security of others. Typically driven by ethical issues, or even illegal practice, just a few legitimate incidents of whistleblowing can cost companies millions. Unfortunately, because this problem is so large, there is often a fear of whistleblowing, whereby employees are concerned about backlash from the organizations they are reporting. They fear legal action, loss of job, or sometimes even worse.

Employees have nowhere to turn for reporting these organizations.

The typical process for blowing the whistle involves big corporate entities such as Deloitte. The endeavour quickly grows into a large legal process which further dissuades the whistleblowing. It is an onerous process that takes time and courage. Beyond that, the traditional process doesn’t provide value to the employee and doesn’t solve the backlash problem.

This problem is leaving employees without a mechanism to safely and confidently blow the whistle.

Until now.

I Blow the Whistle is secure platform to anonymously blow the whistle. We enable employees to simply submit an anonymous report that is encrypted and anonymized to preserve identities. By alleviating the risk of backlash, we empower our clients to do the right thing. From the initial report, we then do the heavy lifting. We verify the claims, and finally connect our clients to an authorized recipient for final actions. Our entire platform is driven by Value Sensitive Design, ensuring a simple, transparent and accessible platform.

We believe in a culture of trust, and surrounding yourself with people you know you can rely on. We at I Blow the Whistle see this not as a luxury, but as a right for employees to report the wrongdoings they have seen or experienced. We have already validated our customer segments. Through an extensive deep dive into the market, we have performed initial customer validation and mapped the competitive landscape to understand our niche. The product itself is near launch, with our beachhead market focused on the UK and Malaysia.


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By Editorial Team