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What is a Whistle Blower?

A whistleblower is an individual, who may be a worker for a business or a government agency, who informs the public or a specialized authority about any misconduct within the company, which may take the form of embezzlement, corruption, or other unethical activities. Whistle-blower’s frequently fear retaliation from their organizations, which may endure reputational and public relations ruin due to the whistleblowing, or from co-workers who were part in the illicit acts. In some instances, reprisals grow severe enough to qualify as persecution.

How can a Whistle Blowing strategy help my company?

Whistleblowing can boost an organization’s ethical climate. In business and government, unethical conduct has become a pervasive and persistent problem. As a result, several corporate leaders have expressed a desire to improve their firms’ ethical climate. This can be accomplished by adopting a code of ethics outlining acceptable behaviour and whistleblowing. Suitable whistleblowing rules can “put teeth” to ethics codes by inculcating both the method by which employees can disclose ethical issues and how companies respond.

How Whistle Blowing affects Corporate Integrity?

Every organization wishes for and expects integrity from its employees. The presence of transparency enables total commitment to the purpose and performance of the company. By fostering a culture of whistleblowing, the organization supports a transparent organizational structure and effective, unambiguous communication. Significantly, whistleblowing can help protect an organization’s clients. For instance, if a hospital engages several irresponsible personnel, other, more ethical employees must bring such concerns to the hospital’s attention, thereby safeguarding the organization from potential litigation or serious mishaps ending in the death of a patient.

Whistle Blowing to help Work reforms?

Whistleblowing has the potential to affect significant change and accelerate reforms inside government agencies. Whistleblowing in the government sector frequently saves lives and billions of government dollars. For instance, in 2014, the Phoenix Veterans Health Administration falsified patient waiting lists in order to achieve a higher valuation, resulting in the death of over Forty veterans who did not receive timely treatment.

Can I have I Blow The Whistle Hosted in my Country

I Blow The Whistle is a cloud-based solution to enable anonymous reporting.  If there is a legal requirement to have the solution hosted in a particular country then we can investigate that as an added option.

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