Public Organisations and Whistleblowing

Jul 25, 2021

Governments establish the public sector for various purposes, including the supply of social services, essential public services, and commercial goods at cheap rates. These and other objectives can only be realized if a significant portion of the public sector’s activity is conducted in accordance with established norms and regulations. Governments have enacted numerous acts and legislation to curb criminal activity among their personnel throughout history, ensuring that their objective is not an illusion.

These regulations emphasized the importance of combating all illegal and illicit operations with intensity in order to curtail fraud and corruption. As such, whistleblowing in the government sector should be viewed as a collective burden for combating illegal practices. Whistleblowing is a technique of informing the public about illegal and immoral behaviour in public agencies, is an extremely successful method of eradicating and preventing corruption. Insider information is crucial for resolving corruption cases, as it is frequently difficult to spot structural flaws outside the company. On the other side, whistleblowers have relatively easy access to information about misconduct.

By <a href="" target="_self">Editorial Team</a>

By Editorial Team