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Simple plans. Simple prices. Only pay for what you really need. All plans come with award-winning 24/7 customer support. Choose a pricing plan which is right for your business.  Our standard package provides everything you need to start engaging your workforce today.

Pick a plan that fits your needs

Choose a pricing plan which is right for your business. 

Whistle Blowing & Ethics Consulting

We have international Subject Matter Expert associates who can assist you in building a comprehensive Ethical strategy.

We have partnered up with some world class ethical and whistle blowing consultants, who can help your business develop procedures and policy’s to product your company and your most valuable asset – your people.


Ethical Risk Valuation Services


Training and workshops


Policy and Procedure Auditing


Corporate Advisory


Development of Policies


Ethical Auditing

Individual Training

Human Centric

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Our solution is designed around the principals of Value Sensitive Design. People can report concerns and incidents without the fear of retaliation. If you are a registered charity then talk to us.