We help your company understand your Employees Critical Concerns & Disclosures with Total Anonymity. We connect the concerns of your employees with the right people within the organisation that needs to hear those concerns.

  • Multiple Languages Supported by default.
  • Total anonymity for users.
  • Case Management including Time Line and Document Sharing
  • One to One Private Chat
  • Key Performance Metrics
  • Bespoke Development Available to suit your needs.


Whistle blowing, reporting a concern or disclosure should be available to all your people. That is why we have designed I Blow The Whistle to be multi-language from day one.

What you need to know about whistle blowing

”We offer a platform that’s both powerful and intuitive because risk management doesn’t have to be rocket science.If you experience an instance of incident or you have been scammed by a company you work with or a company you have worked for, you can expose them risk free with our website.”
“Spread the word and make sure that others do not get taken advantage of. Rather than having a company pursue legal action against you for publishing the report, get the news out with an anonymous tip!”

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