Imagine a secure platform for encrypted and anonymous whistleblowers worldwide. With I Blow the Whistle , we are introducing completely anonymous reporting without risk. Our platform offers a new branch in company ethics, compliance and risk management.

If you’ve ever been the victim of a fraud or theft from the company you work with or a partner company you’ve worked with, I Blow the Whistle is a platform where you can file a report on the incident, risk free and anonymously

When filing an incident report online or an online review, you could have a company pursue legal action against you. With our platform for anonymous tips, you can share your story of fraud, warn others in your situation and protect your identity through the process.

The role our users take on

Whistleblowers are someone who comes forward to report an injustice for the sakeof protecting the security of others. By reporting your story, you can avoid someone falling into the same situation. Many of the people who come forward on our platform are reporting against their direct supervisors or against their company in general.


Why use the platform

If you’ve been scammed out of money, observed an environmental crime, worked without pay or had information shared without your consent, these are all warnings to share with our community. Illegal activity from a company can’t be recognized until someone reports it and you will be taking the first step to preventing a company from taking advantage of others.

How to use the platform

As soon as your company engages in illegal activity, begin taking notes on theincident. Disclose information on the subject, share your evidence and we willverify the information to help you get into contact with an authorized recipient.