Mapping Out The Customer Journey


We have established I Blow the whistle as a service for whistleblowers worldwide. On this secure platform, you can enjoy completely anonymous and encrypted submissions. You can blow the whistle on a company online without ever having your identity compromised.

Driven by

Value Sensitive Design

Our platform will be driven by Value Sensitive Design (VSD), ensuring a simple, transparent, and accessible platform for all. We believe it can solve the highly insecure whistle blowing process in the world with a mixture of human touch and cutting-edge technology.

  • 25% cases by anonymous Sources
  • 46% refuse to report due to retaliation
  • 33% reportee’s dismissed


Lost to Fraud

Biggest Lawsuit

Reported Anonymous


Reportee’s dismissed

claimed by 2013

International Team

Easy to use

Secure by Design

Anonymous Reporting

Reliable  Whistleblowing

Awesome Clients

What Our Customers Say

Right place, right time.

With employee feedback anonymized, our fraud prevention team can build a trustworthy relationship with our human capital.


Emma Stevenson

Built around moral concerns, not AI Engines

Completely transformed the whistle blowing market by designing a system around how people expect to use, not the reams of IT data collection.
Edward Macfarlane

Transformation of how whistle blowing is done!

I love their approach on how they have designed a system to capture disclosures and concerns in a human way.  Simple and easy to use.

Sarah Butler