Whistleblowing has the potential to affect significant change and accelerate reforms inside government agencies. Whistleblowing in the government sector frequently saves lives and billions of government dollars. For instance, in 2014, the Phoenix Veterans Health Administration falsified patient waiting lists in order to achieve a higher valuation, resulting in the death of over Forty veterans who did not receive timely treatment.

Without Dr. Sam Foote’s whistleblowing, more individuals would have been harmed by the misconduct. President Obama underlined the necessity of whistleblowing in response to this occurrence, stating, “Frequently, the best information source about wasteful spending, corruption, and misconduct is an employee devoted to public accountability and prepared to speak out” (CBC News, 2013).

From a quantitative standpoint, the public sector has reported more misbehaviour than the private sector. According to Brewer’s (1996) analysis of thirty major newspaper publications over an eight period, 70% of whistleblowing occurred in the public service

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