Try I Blow The Whistle today to manage and engage your Employees Critical Concern. I Blow The Whistle is built around a value sensitive design. Our system is designated to ensure that businesses have proper enforcement processes for preventing corruption. With our system, we can offer a portal for employees to log in, register and report anonymously. We work as the intermediary and provide your company with the tools it needs to prevent errors, catch discrepancies and handle problems fast.

Showing your employees value

Having a system in place for your employees to submit grievances can be empowering. It shows that you value opinions, you want to keep them safe and you want to produce a better working environment for the future.

A totally safe system

There are very few systems like ours. To submit information or grievances with any company, employees must often identify themselves and this can lead to very little incentive to notify people of corruption. Rather than feeling at risk, a service like ours ensures any statement can be verified and then shared with upper level business managers without the perceived penalty or reprimand.

It could save money

Whistleblower cases with major companies like Pfzer were responsible for settlements of over 2.3 billion. Cases like this expose evidence of fraud against the company and could protect the future of your organization.

It’s easy to train

I Blow The Whistle can be a service part of any HR training course. It is simple to create a profile, begin the process and report. All of the information can be handled and verified by our experts and submissions can be managed in minutes with direct results in days.Consider some of these top benefits and more if you are thinking of establishing a whistleblowing measure with your company!