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A new tool for ethically focused companies to reduce the risk from fraud, corruption, discrimination or malpractice. Enjoy completely anonymous and encrypted disclosures without ever having identities compromised. Reduce the risk of litigation.

About Our Company

We have built I Blow The Whistle around the simple shaping context of what ethical values would a person  expect. 

We enable people to easily submit an anonymous report that is encrypted and anonymized to preserve identities. By alleviating the risk of backlash, we empower our clients to do the right thing. From the initial report, we then do the heavy lifting

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The only tool to reduce risk from fraud, corruption, discrimination or malpractice!

We empower your employees with a secure and anonymous way to blow the whistle without ever having their identities compromised. We help protect your company’s assets by reducing the risk of litigation. With completely anonymous reports through our encrypted platform, we help you keep your business ethical while also protecting yourself against frivolous lawsuits that can be devastating when not handled properly.

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A way to encourage people to highlight concerns to:

Ensure that you establish a strong culture of accountability to your business.

Make your workplace transparent with clear policies in place.

Prevent future scandals before they happen.

Create an open, secure, and welcoming workplace for employees to speak up.

Prevent misconduct in your company and increase employee morale.

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Our site is strongly protected by the latest security which keeps your employees and contractors completely anonymous. Users can submit reports or disclosures knowing that their responses are completely encrypted to protect their identity from repercussions.

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